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Secure DevOps: Static Analysis & the Puma’s Tail

DevOps is changing the way that organizations design, build, deploy and operate online systems. Engineering teams are making hundreds, or even thousands, of changes per day, and traditional approaches to security are struggling to keep up. Security must be reinvented in a DevOps world and take advantage of the opportunities provided by continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

In this talk, we will explore how static analysis fits into Secure DevOps and introduce you to Puma Scan: an opensource .NET static analysis rules engine. Live demonstrations will show Puma Scan identifying vulnerabilities inside Visual Studio and in a Jenkins continuous integration (CI) build pipeline. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the role static analysis play in DevOps and a .NET static analysis engine to help secure your organization’s applications.

Eric Johnson Bio

Eric Johnson is a Principal Security Consultant at Cypress Data Defense. At Cypress, he leads web and mobile application penetration testing, secure development lifecycle consulting, secure code review assessments, static source code analysis,
security research, and security tool development. Eric has presented his security research at conferences around the world including SANS, BlackHat, OWASP AppSecUSA, BSides, JavaOne, UberConf, and ISSA. He has contributed to several open
source projects including Puma Scan (a .NET static analysis tool), AWS Critical Security Control Automation, and the OWASP Secure Headers project.

Eric is also a Certified Instructor with the SANS Institute where he authors several application security courses, serves on the advisory board for the SANS Securing the Human Developer awareness training program, and delivers security training around the world.

Eric completed a bachelor of science in computer engineering and a master of science in information assurance at Iowa State University, and currently holds the CISSP, GWAPT, GSSP. NET, and GSSPJava certifications.

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