Alex T. Hart


Secure Application Development:
Managing your risks as you build

This session will explore an agile approach to secure application development, and risk management. We will explore how risk management activities can tie into application development, developing synergies to reduce time to market.

Alex Hart MA MPA

Alex works with customers to establish necessary Information Security Governance and Controls in Cloud Computing environments. Previously, he formulated a third-party risk management framework for a portfolio of cloud based products and was responsible for establishing all security agreements. Alex formulated a fraud mitigation system for a financial services company and through his guidance on enterprise risk management for cloud systems, the firm increased 600% in users and 2,000% in funds transferred during his tenure. He worked side-by-side with cloud software engineers and product managers ensuring new releases were compliant with applicable regulatory requirements and fit within the risk appetite of the leadership team.

Alex holds a Master in Public Administration in Public Policy from Drake University, a Master of Arts in Developmental and Educational Psychology from Boston College. Alex enjoys spending time with his family and his dog Mr. Wynn in Montana. He enjoys continuously learning the changing environments of Cloud Computing and Information Security.

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Application & Infrastructure Security

Senior Level
Security Leader